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Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

General Terms:

D2Station, deliver items and services for Diablo 2 players. All items delivered by D2Station, are permanent and are delivered in 24 hours from moment when payment will be credited. If you are under 18 years old, ordering on D2Station without adults supervision is prohiben.
D2Station reserve rights to change prices of services (especially in Ladder orders), price change doesn’t have any effect on orders that have been made before set new price.
Ordering in D2Station, means that you have read and understood terms of services.

Terms of items ordering:

After you choose items which you are interested in, mark how many you needs and add them to your cart. Add to cart allowed you to continue shopping and adding other items. When you complete your order, click “Purchase” in cart menu and choose metode of payment.
Payment, might be made by PayPal or by credit cart. In any moment you can check your order status Here.
When order will be ready, we will send you information e-mail.
Items are delivered by mule account, which credits will be sent to your e-mail adresse, in moment when order is ready.
D2Station reserve the rights, for cancel order when payment will not be credited on account or rules of term will be broke down. In that situation, we will inform you via e-mail.

Terms of level service:

D2Station make level services, according to the offer . If you want to order level service or find right topic. Choose character and level which you are interned in, and write down important informations (character name and account name). Next what you have to do is choose way of payment, in confirmation e-mail, we will inform you how long this order will take and account details. If you want to make service on existing account contact us.
D2Station doesn’t take responsibility what happens with character after service will be over.

Refund policy:

Refund items, is possible in 5 days after order. In follow situations:
a) You didn’t get your order
b) You got wrong mule account and password, by mistake.
c) Account were banned (In this situation, please contact us as soon as possible Contact US)

Property Rights:

All trademarks and copyrights, belongs to owner of D2Station, using it or dissemination, with out owner permission, is strictly prohibed.
D2Station, is no related to Blizzard Entertainment, all rights to symbols and items in Diablo II belongs to Blizzard, D2Station selling time which was used for finding those items and make services.

Privacy Policy:

Any information that will be gather during ordering process, will be used only for order purposes. D2Station will not share personal data.

Contact us:

If u have any questions, Please Contact US


D2Station have a Wiki page were you will find the perfect build for your class.

About Us

is your Diablo 2 Stop&Shop for all your Items & Leveling services.
Selling Diablo 2 Items & Leveling services is what got us here today! Our main goal is to give you an
excellent game time without the use of any illegal bots or third party software.