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The Best D2 Item Store is one of the largest supplier of d2 items & level services. We are a well-organized team with a great passion for the game.

Our story started in early 2005, we were a bunch of people playing Diablo II together, we did everything and we knew everything there was to know about the game. We remember how the cow-runs used to be the most popular activity in the game, and how act 2 was such a pain to beat! In our days it was very hard to create perfection. The d2 item shops back then couldn’t match our needs, and we barely even knew they existed.

Today we can only imagine how much time we spent on the game, and how many hours of our lives we spent on impossible challenges. Even if the hours were great, we still feel that we should have spent them wiser.

That is the reason why we started this d2 item shop. We want to use our diablo 2 knowledge for good, by saving you time and guiding you to perfection.

What you get when you buy d2 items from us

When you buy D2 items from us we give you much more then other d2 shops. We are here to keep helping and supporting you, even after the sale. If you got questions regarding your build, or if you run into a challenge… Then you can chat with us straight through this website and get the help and advice you need! We love the game, and we love to teach!

Connect with other passionate Diablo 2 players

If you are a customer, then you can also get access to our discord channel. Just contact us in the live chat for more information! The discord is for customers only, and in there you will find a bunch of people who loves the game just as much as you do.

D2 items sale

D2station offers our customers a rare d2 items sale. This sale is not always uploaded at our shop, but if you chat with our support you can get information regarding the rare and unique d2 items sale’s we are having (With other words: D2 Items that nobody else can posses).

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