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The Blizzard Sorceress build relies on Cold spells and especially on the Blizzard spell.


This is because Blizzard not only deals the highest damage among all Cold spells but also affects a great portion of the battleground. It doesn’t deal its damage immediately but over a period of 4 seconds. Since this period is longer than its casting delay, it can be stacked upon itself.

Although it’s a powerful tool for controlling crowds, it’s not easy to aim precisely. Sometimes, it’s better for a surrounded Blizzard Sorc to use Glacial Spike for escaping.


Blizzard Sorceress is highly dependent on synergies in order to do efficient damage, just like many other builds of this class.


Fun fact: Summonmancers have a hard time cooperating with this Sorc Build. They can’t keep up to revive or use Corpse Explosion on monsters’ dead bodies because Sorceresses quickly shatter the majority of them.



Blizzard Sorceress Skills

The Blizzard Sorc build is leveling Blizzard to the maximum. Also, it’s often maximizing the Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, and Glacial Spike spell, as they all grant Blizzard a +5% damage per level.


In addition, these three spells are synergizing with each other also, so maxing them out makes them very powerful.


As for Cold Mastery, it doesn’t provide directly increased damage, compared to Lightning or Fire Mastery. It rather decreases target’s Cold Resistance. The problem is that it doesn’t pierce through Cold Immunity, so it isn’t so effective as a synergy. Monster Cold Resistances aren’t able to fall under -100%, so just a few points to Cold Mastery can greatly increase the damage output.


As a result, the most Blizzard Sorc players choose between the routes below:


  • Maxing out the following spells: Blizzard, Cold Mastery, Glacial Spike, Ice Bolt and Ice Blast. Despite the fact that these spells would be extremely powerful, there’s no way to deal with Cold Immunity (especially in Hell mode). Thus, the only solution is to rely on teammates or a mercenary to fight them.


  • Maxing out Blizzard, Glacial Spike, Ice Blast and another spell of a different element together with its Mastery. Often, these should be spells that don’t require much of a synergy, such as Thunder Storm or Fire Wall.


Regardless of which path you wish to follow, you should spend at least a point to the other functional skills of the class.

These are Teleport (requires Telekinesis), Shiver Armor (requires Frozen Armor), Frost Nova (as a requirement for Blizzard) and maybe Warmth for an increased mana recovery rate. Some players spent a point to Energy Shield also for PvP.


Blizzard Sorceress Stats

You will only need as much Strength as the proper equipment requires.

Dexterity doesn’t need any investment.

Energy doesn’t require many points also, as you can increase your mana by items.

You should spend the rest of your points in Vitality.


Blizzard Sorceress Equipment

Blizzard Sorceress can definitely benefit from equipment like Death’s Fathom that boosts Cold Skills’ damage. Another example is Snowclash, which grants Blizzard and Glacial spike +2 and +3 accordingly. Finally, items that reduce Enemy’s Cold Resistance are also a great fit for this build.


Killing Equipment


  • The Oculus


  • Heart of the Oak (Ko+Vex+Pul+Thul Runeword)


  • Death’s Fathom: For boosting your Cold Damage.


  • Eschuta’s Temper: For boosting your Lightning and Fire Damage.


  • Switch: Call to Arms (for using Barbarian’s Warcries)



  • Harlequin Crest


  • Nightwing’s Veil


  • Crown of Ages: It requires many points to Strength though.



  • Chains of Honor (Dol+Um+Ber+Ist Runeword)


  • Ormus’s Robes: It increases the damage of all three elements.


  • Enigma(Jah+Ith+Ber Runeword): Use it only if you need Strength points.


  • Arkaine’s Valor


  • Tal Rasha’s Guardianship



  • Stormshield


  • Spirit


  • Sanctuary(Ko+Ko+Mal Runeword)


  • Moser’s Blessed Circle


  • Gerke’s Sanctuary



  • Frostburn


  • Magefist



  • Arachnid Mesh: It’s the best option for casters


  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord



  • Sandstorm Trek: It’s better to sue the Ethereal version


  • War Traveler


  • Stone of Jordan


  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band


  • Raven Frost


  • Dwarf Star: If you need Damage absorb



  • Tal Rasha’s Adjudication


  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope


Magic Finding Equipment

The items listed below will grant you a high amount of Magic Finding ability without sacrificing a lot of your killing and survival ability.


  • The Oculus: With an Ist Rune


  • Blade of Ali Baba: With 2 Ists Runes


  • A 6-Socketed Weapon with 6 Ists Runes



  • Rhyme(Shael+Eth Runeword)


  • Splendor(Eth+Lum Runeword)


  • A 4-socketed shield with Ists Runes



  • Harlequin Crest: with a Perfect Topaz


  • Tarnhelm: with a Perfect Topaz


  • Any Rare Magic Find helm



  • Tal Rasha’s Guardianship: 3 pieces will boost your Magic Find chance


  • Skullder’s Ire: With Ist Rune or a Perfect Topaz



  • Chance Guards


  • Any Rare Magic Find gloves



  • Tal Rasha’s Adjudication



  • Nagelring


  • Any Rare Magic Find Rings



  • Tal Rasha’s Fine-Spun Cloth


  • Goldwrap



  • War Traveler


  • Any Rare Magic Finding boots
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