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The Gifts is per order and not a total of all the orders a customer has made.

Spend 22$ and get the 20$ gift and All gifts above!

Ladder Gifts:

Gift for $5+   1x Um Rune
Gift for $10+ 1x Ist Rune
Gift for $15+  1x Vex Rune
Gift for $20+ 1x Ohm Rune
Gift for $30+ 1x Shako
Gift for $40+ 1x Hoto 30-34 All res
Gift for $50+ 1x Call to Arms 1-4 Bo

Non-Ladder Gifts:

Gift for $10+ 3x Ist Runes
Gift for $15+ 2x Vex Rune
Gift for $20+ 1x Spirit Monarch 35% FCR
Gift for $25+ 1x CTA 4-5 BO
Gift for $40+ 1x Unid Torch
Gift for $50+ 1x Enigma
Gift for $70+ 1x Cta 6 Bo + Hoto 40% All Res
Gift for $90+ 1x Any Basic Gear Package
Gift for $125+ 1x Anni 20/20/x
Gift for $150+ 10 x Jah or 10 Ber Rune
Gift for $200+ 20 Jah or 20 Ber

Last Updated: 16/Jun/2021

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